New Famous Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Beige Scale

Classic neutrals and beiges have often felt unimaginative or boring given the saturation and glitter, but this season’s new neutral colors are different. Effortless and incredibly chic, these tones complement the sophisticated aesthetics and the colour palette of the recent Wardrobe of silhouettes and Minimalist Designs. The interaction between textures, tones and contrasting colours ranges from a distinct mocha to a sandy complexion that has anchored many evergreen Looks that we have seen from our favourite street style experts.

Perfect Wrinkles

The feminine and classic style of the pretty pleated pleats remains a perfect trend for the transition to autumn and winter dressing. The gathered and dressed effect gives any Look a fluid movement with an element of elegance and effortless grace. Take the trend to the next level by pairing a pleated number with impeccable white boots and the perfect stone-colored jacket that translates with style into a high-fall fashion Ensemble.

Boots with a studded sole

The boot is a basic trend all year round, but with the added studded sole, it instantly adds an avant-garde and rebellious appeal to any Look. This avant-garde composition of studded-soled boots and chunky-style action-style boots is all about showing attitude and sperm. Pair the boot with a contrasting girl’s skirt and unexpected feminine clothes for a chic and side-by-side aesthetic.

The Mini Bag

As all the other fashion accessories and staples get bigger, bigger and bulkier, handbags will only get smaller. These handbags may be tiny, but they made a huge impression and quickly found themselves on the List of unexpected pieces of the fashion ensemble and style connoisseurs. The benefits of carrying a mini bag are about liberation and mobility, and encouraging someone to look and live like a minimalist.

In the slices

The transeasonal trench coat is the epitome of a timeless garment to own in any style arsenal. This basic trend can be dressed up or down for a flawless fit – either way, it’s the perfect layering piece known for its versatility, from the perfect fitted trousers to feminine dresses.

Men’s suits

Blazers and power suits have undoubtedly taken center stage this season, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Oversized men’s-style blazers and trousers are the embodiment of a boss wardrobe for girls – especially when combined with the contrasting Accessories of ultra-feminine high heels and trendy handbags that prove that there are no boundaries or barriers when it comes to fashion fluidity.

Just Gang

The Fair Isle Sweater is one of the most easily recognizable heritage motifs in the world, while paying to a rich tradition of craftsmanship and British heritage. Its versatility is evident when paired with a Slip skirt or loose paper pants for a contemporary slant on a comfortable top

Plaid Plays

The Plaid is perhaps one of the most versatile patterns often associated with Punk, Grunge and preppy fashion. The perfect print for fall, Plaids, Tartans and checks in all kinds of strokes and directions have been seen in a number of different variations throughout fashion Month, making it a must-have and a statement piece this Season.

Statement Belt

Belts are back and here to add nervousness to any Look and accentuate the breathtaking Waist. The Accessory can be instantly upgraded and add an unexpected touch to any Ensemble. A belt worn over a long, long suit creates a sophisticated silhouette that is instantly enhanced when equipped with a belt to give definition and shape to contracted silhouettes.

Logo Mania

What could be better than presenting your favorite brands than being dressed from head to toe with Logomania Looks? Paying attention to a brand has quickly become a strategy for our favorite street star connoisseurs and will certainly continue its course as the ultimate must-have for this Seasonn.

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