Moda Operandi the Platform of Designer and Fashion Wear

I would like to start with the following – before diving into the world of “fashion discovery”, because Mode Operandi is the fashion discovery platform, after all–Moda Operandi is the only online platform that offers pre-orders directly from the catwalk. This means that, as Customers, we can make sure that we are really getting our hands on the most sought-after, the most sought-after and the most ultra-trendy pieces that everyone will want to wear next Season. This is an extremely smart and exciting way to go shopping, but of course, you have to be sure of what will be “hot” next Season, and above all, you have to have the patience to arrive because it is not a next-day delivery situation. Your person for the next Season will come to you, but only just before the new collections arrive in stores…

The way to stay one step ahead of the competition and order the best pieces for next Season is through the many “Trunkshows” of Moda Operandi. These trunk shows arrive on the catwalks pretty much right after the launch of the new collections or when their Lookbooks for the new Season arrive-this is usually for brands that are not showing at Fashion Week.

In addition to being able to pre-order the recent collections – something that clearly distinguishes Moda Operandi from most other online retailers-is the incredible selection of designers and buyers. You will find pieces on Moda Operandi that other online retailers do not offer, and they will bring you the most promising and popular new and emerging designers of the moment.

Alessandra Rich and Michael Lo Sordo are a good example of a designer I already knew and loved – and who I could pre-order directly from the catwalk – and of a designer I didn’t know existed, but who immediately fell in love when I saw her new Look book.

Alessandra Rich is a long-time favorite of mine; the combination of classic designers, but with a little touch – naughty but nice – has always seduced me, and she makes great evening outfits, as well as knitwear and Accessories. Below, a small selection of the best Looks from her Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

Michael Lo Sordo is an Australian Designer that I discovered on Moda Operandi, mainly because his spring-summer 2020 was so beautiful. A collection of super sophisticated and feminine pieces, in a palette of earthy tones, simple or some with a fun little accent. Check out some of her best Looks below and you’ll understand what I mean!

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