Latest Trends to Wear for the Fall Winter

New iterations of classic autumn and winter silhouettes and trends are back! Make a cozy statement with outerwear in bold colours, textures and textures or add a chic touch to your workwear with shorts that take the outfit to the next level. You can also choose the perfect sheepskin coat to complete your outfit or wear one of the fancy capes of the season to add a romantic touch to tried and tested basics. We’re also putting a lot of emphasis on couture this season, with models wearing everything from ostentatiously oversized jackets, to blazers and coats. From the ever-changing drama of the iconic cape to new silhouettes redefining the iconic black suit, here’s your definitive guide to all the major trends and the first style tips you should know about this fall/winter season 19.

Le Cap

Although the temperature may drop, the cold should not lead to dull outerwear. The recurring trend of the cape graced the catwalks of this season with a sense of modern romance. The designers explored the endless possibilities of the style, played with materials that emphasized its flowing, almost kinetic structure, or even made the fabric work only in conjunction with the shape of its wearer. Whether with a collar, tied or buttoned, the cape continues to establish itself as an essential form of the winter coat, with the most talented designers of fashion week consolidating its resilience. From fine materials with defined pleats to sensual velvety textures, the coat-like style can be both subtle and extravagant, complementing the nostalgic themes that characterized this year’s collections.

In a short time

Chloé and Dior reinvented flowing shorts presentations with ornate embellishments in all lengths and seemingly contradicted the nature of their materials to give structured fabrics an ethereal, flowing movement. The utilitarian trend is strongly evident in Chloé’s plugged-in interpretation of a formal checkered couple, or even in the grayer costume versions of Loewe and Celine. The prolonged repetition of an archetypal summer trend is the perfect solution for showing a seductive knee-length boot without constantly resorting to a flowing dress. The shorts, which maintain the trend in neutral and neutral color palettes, have clearly been called an alternative to the traditional suit and a focal point for chic formal wear, which can be combined with knee-length boots in the inevitable fall/winter temperature drop 19.

It’s a checkered world

The classic print for suits and coats, the typical plaid, was presented both in refreshing boosters and in the more traditional blazer. Chanel made a name for herself on the
Trending again with a brand new jumpsuit paired with a coat that just brushed the floor of the show he debuted on. Chloe brought an equally new version of the checkered coat and suit option with a fitted style with a high collar that adapts to the shape of its wearer. Coach struck a different, but equally elegant note and was not afraid of patterns reminiscent of the 80s, wearing a sapphire plaid blazer and smooth gray plaid trousers. As the designers boldly reminded their audience this year, the possibilities of this fall/winter 19 season for plaid are endless, from 3-piece overalls to perfectly Parisian overalls, which are perfect for the cold winter months.


For autumn / winter 19, casual comfort has been integrated on the catwalks in the form of the sheepskin coat, both in bold statements and in benign accents on the jackets for cold weather. The combination of indulgent wool skin and leather softens a difficult statement and brings warmth to both the wearer and the viewer. On the other hand, a long sheepskin coat can brighten or soften the underlying look, make a statement on its own or complement the layering of a comfortable outfit. From Celine’s bright iteration to altuzarra’s luxurious and robust design, the catwalks in the fall of 2019 could offer all the unique opportunities of this trend to bring the warmth and comfort of the fireplace to the snowy streets of the winter months.

Stylish suit

This fall / winter 2019 marks the return of the Power suit, which was both a pay to the past and a massive leap into the futuristic styles of all dreams. Worn with a belt, flowing, with an open front and countless other options, the outer clothing of the suit on the catwalk was constantly accentuated by elegant skirt and trouser options

. A flowing, shape-enhancing skirt highlighted the structure of an oversized blazer from the Row, while the waist of a perfectly shortened Stella McCartney blazer was reinforced by the equally fitted trousers, which puffed up with a utilitarian touch. Presenting a classic all-black outfit, Balenciaga offered viewers an otherworldly version of the elegant suit with its shiny finish paired with eye-catching red contacts. Celine showed off another style, bringing the suit back a few decades with matching stripes, aviators and a neutral turtleneck for a retro-inspired slant. The reappearance of textured shoulders, fitted waists and symmetrical silhouettes proves that the style remains both persistent and versatile.

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