Know About Khaite Converted Me to a More Minimal Way

When KHAITE was launched in 2016, it immediately grew for me and became one of my favourite brands. With her dreamy dresses and tulle tops, it exactly matched my eternal passion with the “Runaway Bride” look-aka pretty dresses and sneakers. However, with her heart set on reinterpreting American sportswear, it was no surprise that her Denim and cashmere sweaters also turned out to be a dream

. Designed in New York and made in Los Angeles, KHAITE Jeans are the ultimate effortless piece for my everyday life. I mean, I’ve mentioned it several times; I really want to pick up my children in a little Couture dress and a pair of sneakers, but in reality, it won’t last long, if at all. LOL. So yes, a good pair of Jeans is a must in my everyday clothes, and right now KHAITE is meeting my Denim needs in the best possible way.

Today I’m wearing the Kyle jeans in Tucson; a style that looks and feels like I borrowed it from the guys – something I love so much anyway – and that goes perfectly with any feminine top or pair of shoes. In my matter, I did both with her new autumn / winter black leather ankle boot and her Lucie top in black.

I would totally wear it with a white shirt, one of her Bare tulle tops or just a light cashmere knit when autumn arrives and the nights become a little sharper again. It feels so effortless and comfortable without losing style or sophistication.

It’s not often that I dress so minimally, let alone show it to you, because I feel – and I always tell people – “I can’t get away with it”, it doesn’t sparkle with me as much as some women who really look so effortless and chic.

minimal. However, I believe that I have now converted to the KHAITE church and will live on the most minimal side of appearance all week. But don’t worry, I will never let go of my tulle passion, and no pair of sneakers will leave my closet. But as I said, KHAITE has everything for girls: the ultimate clothes, but not with less “sparkles”.

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