Intoxicated by Kilian for Women and Men Fragrance

Perfumes that are inspired by expensive spirits and roll on ecstasy could only be imagined by a creative brain: Kilian Hennessy. His last name should ring a bell — it’s this Hennessy, the eponymous luxury Cognac house and the founder of the iconic brand conglomerate LVMH.

When he founded Kilian, Hennessy’s Vision was clear: “I wanted to put perfumery back on its pedestal by going back to the truth about perfume; going back to the way perfume was made in the after nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while adding a contemporary touch,” said Hennessy. By creating innovative blends and placing them in sensual packaging that recalls everything from crystal decanters to jewelry, that’s exactly what he did. (So it makes sense that Rihanna is a Fan.)

Maybe you are a perfume lover familiar with the brand, or maybe you are a newcomer to this corner of the perfume world. Anyway, we’ve pored over a selection of the brand’s fragrances to limit you to five must-have Kilian Fragrances that are worth adding to your vanity.

Best Overall: Kilian Rolling in Love

How Rolling in Love smells: if love, don’t be shy (Rihanna’s darling — more on that below) is the smell of young love or spring love, Rolling In Love is her older sister: mature, attractive and sweet at the same time, like any good romance. Love, don’t be shy is an embodied desire; a crush, really. With that, there is an undercurrent of warmth and hunger-a kind of feeling where you are never close enough to your lover until you are Under, not just close, to his skin.

They have the depth and warmth of familiarity — a kind of solace that only comes when the walls come down between two people — but with a dose of sticky addiction. (Love is still Love, after all.) You have come out of the honeymoon era and immersed in this kind of delicious and fulfilling desire. It is nuanced, although Kilian calls it one of his “monochrome” perfumes intended to evoke a unique emotion.

Fragrance notes: you are immediately struck by notes of Ambrette seeds and almond milk, which settle almost immediately with Iris and musk. Instead of chapters, Rolling In Love unfolds without restraint: you get an almost equal mix of each Note.

A fresh fragrance for the summer: Kilian flower of immortality

How does the flower of immortality smell: Persephone-goddess of spring, Queen of the Underworld. (Listen to us.) At the first Spritz, you get aldehyde aquatic notes (so fresh that they are almost soapy), cutting the notes of a pinkish white peach picked by hand. This is where Persephone’s naivety and the new reality meet with Hades: the youthful fruitiness reveals its rich tonka bean kernel. The fragrance is familiar and fey at the same time.

The first splash is comparable to the first bite: you feel the tension between the skin and the pulp. Teeth meet peach, and boom-like sap flows down your chin, Kilian’s flower of immortality finds its place, and then with it, your skin. It is a universal summer experience that is as delicious as it is sensual.

Fragrance notes: immediately you get a ripe white peach and fresh nectarines—peach blossom-, notes of Kilian, but the floral tenderness is difficult to see on the fruity layers. You may smell a little freesia, but the aldehydes present themselves more before evaporating into a sweet fragrance of Vanilla, tonka beans and Iris butter. A few hours after, the peach is still resting on your skin.

Best Kilian perfume for work: sharing angels

What angel sharing looks like: a drugged glutton. We know that this does not seem appropriate for the office, which is why we were as surprised as you were. Why don’t you feel as powerful in front of the screen as when you are getting ready for a night out? There is an element of sophistication that cannot be denied; a je ne sais quoi, if you will, in oak. It is an intentional touch that honors Hennessy’s legacy for its important role in the manufacture of Cognac: the liquor ages in these oak barrels and evaporates until liquid golden magic remains. Or the part of the angels.

It’s never overwhelming, but Angels’ Share leaves a signature and makes a statement — promising to make a fearless entrance wherever you go.

Fragrance notes: Vanilla and Praline are the most important. It’s delicious from start to finish, the two gourmets anchor the fragrance while notes of Cognac oil, oak absolute and cinnamon essence leave their mark. It’s cute at first glance (“feminine”, if you will, through a binary lens), but as you progress through the day, you begin to discover the “masculine” edge of angel sharing. At this point, tonka bean, wood and Cognac meet in the middle before settling with sandalwood for an devoted finish.

Best Kilian fragrance for the weekend: Good Girl Gone Bad

How a good girl smells bad: The intoxication of Drunkenness. It is undoubtedly lush: a lush mixture of white and fruity flowers so strong that you are caught between making the right decision or making a bad decision that feels really good. While its powdery notes seem Vintage, notes of orange blossom and rose oil naturally try to tip the scales, but they don’t: the intoxicating tuberose and Jasmine are pure impulsiveness.

Too much is going to be overwhelming, so less is more when you wear Good Girl Gone Bad. You will want to let this one breathe so that you can enjoy a touch of Osmanthus (a note that we would have liked to have seen more-the honeyed apricot essence will bloom after a few hours.)

Fragrance Notes: Tuberose, Tuberose, Tuberose. So many things are all-consuming – but for the right Moment and the right mood (read: a date at the weekend), it’s just enough. Osmanthus is listed as a top note, but is overwhelmed by the white flowers — including Jasmine and daffodil — and only appears after these stronger notes have calmed down. The Rose is difficult to catch, just like the cedar: When it dries, it is most often amber, which helps to refine the white flowers over time.

Best Gender-neutral Kilian Perfume: Sacred Wood

How sacred wood smells: a secular pay and an indulgent interpretation of sandalwood in true Kilian form. Sacred Wood is gorgeous and totally empowering, no matter what your gender expression is. It is more sensual, less spiritual, with the tradition of this precious raw material as a source of Inspiration (more resinous than incense). The sacred wood is extremely fragrant and decadent in its sap, with a piquant creaminess so lactonic that it is almost powdery.

Even after a few hours, the fragrance seems linear: you don’t have much development until hours after, when you get more balsamic and woody notes. There is solace in both the courage and the longevity of his hero notes.

Fragrance notes: there’s a touch of spiciness from the Ambrette seed absolute and carrot seed oil—which adds to the sharp edges on the first splash —but after that it’s the creamy, creamy Amyris and sandalwood. Myrrh and Copahu balm oil, as well as cedar wood, are supposed to balance with a warm earthy. Perhaps these notes read more about others; for us, what Kilian describes as a Facelift is the most important “malted milk vapor”.

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