Famous Maison Margiela Replica Perfumes Ranked by a Couple

I think it smells more delicious with me, ” smiles my wife Rashna. “I will claim this one. “And with the most adorable smile, she carefully yanked the replica of Maison Mariela’s Jazz Club fragrance tester out of my reach. When she noticed my dramatic pout, she shrugged her shoulders. “It smells good on you near the fireplace, which is similar, but more masculine,” she emphasized. “Everything will be fine. “As always, my beloved is not wrong on all fronts: it smelled fantastic on her and the fireplace works very well for me.

When I came up with the idea to test and evaluate the best Maison Mariela fragrances from their replica line—most of which are gender-neutral—as a couple, my wife came up with the idea. Based on our respective strong opinions, we spent hours on the perfume shelves, enveloped in fragrance mists, dissecting each spray with an alarming level of verification.

For the uninitiated, Maison Mariela’s replica line includes fragrances that, according to haute Maison Parisienne, are “a reproduction of well-known scents and moments of different places and eras”. With fun and quirky catches such as a walk on the beach, a hairdresser or a lazy Sunday morning, there is something for everyone.

Maison Mariela offers a “souvenir box”, a test kit with ten characteristic fragrances, so we bought one and peppered ourselves with its contents over the course of a week. We also tested two fragrances that are not included in the kit: Bubble Bath, an addition to the replica line for 2020, and Coffee Break, an addition to the fragrance line for the end of 2019. Here are our reviews and ratings of these 12 replicas of Maison Mariela fragrances.

1. REPLICA of Maison Mariela By the fireplace

Gender-neutral – by the fireplace, base notes of musky cashmere and Peruvian balsam mix with vanilla, enhanced by smoked guaiac wood, chestnuts and some floral top notes of orange. The end result is indeed reminiscent of snuggling around a crackling fire pit on a winter morning.

Rachna’s review “ ” We love using our fireplace and feeling that about you reminds me to cuddle up to a fire. It reminds me of being at home and the warm feeling that only your home can give. It’s sleek and chic, but it’s too masculine for me to wear.”

Sean’s opinion: I wore it for over a year for a good reason. I think it’s great that it lasts a long time, even if it’s an eau de toilette. I will still have pleasant puffs a few hours after the application. Over time, the smoky base notes become softer, although the vanilla shines strongly, so it becomes a little sweeter at the end of the day. It is a fragrance that I also wear all year round.

2. The” REPLICA ” of Maison Margiela whispers in the library

Gender-neutral-Whispers In the Library has base notes of vanilla, cedarwood and vetiver combined with top notes of pepper, orange blossom and patchouli for a rich fragrance that is said to evoke the smell of books, especially when they are read on a wooden desk.

Rachna’s review: “it smells like my mom, which is a good connotation. It’s definitely for a more mature woman. I wouldn’t do it regularly, but it’s a fragrance I’d wear to a black tie affair or to a stylish, low-key, upscale event.”

Sean’s review: I get a hint of lemongrass and oak, due to vetiver. As someone who is interested in earthy, woody scents, I would wear it regularly. There is a decadence that persists when the top notes fade during the day.

3. Jazz Club “REPLICA” By Maison Margiela

Male-Jazz Club is one of the most popular fragrance replicas of Maison Margiela and has base notes of styrax, tobacco leaf and vanilla, punctuated by top notes of lemon, pink pepper and neroli (bitter orange). The fusion leads to an olfactory experience of an devoted cocktail bar.

Rachna’s review: “I feel like I’m tucked away in a tufted leather Chesterfield love seat listening to a jazz trumpeter riff. I grew up in England and a touch of it brings me back to a British pub. It is very clean, although I would say that it is getting old. It’s definitely a masculine scent, but the more feminine notes of vanilla and orange increase over time, so I love it.”

Sean’s review: it’s very similar to Near the fireplace, with rich, wooded, smoky undercurrents. (Partly attribute some of the leathery and balsamic flavors to the styrax.) And I love it. I’m a cocktail guy and I get a splash of rum in every glass, as Maison Mariela wanted. I also remember the weathered leather interior of a classic car, which makes me smile. I’m disappointed that Rachna claims this one, but if we alternate the days, maybe I can wear it too.

4. Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Lazy Sunday morning

Feminine-Lazy Sunday Morning has base notes of patchouli, white woods and creamy musk that play well with the top notes of pear and ambrette to reproduce a clean linen smell with just a hint of rose petals.

Rachna’s review: “I have notes of sandalwood, which brings me back to India, where my parents grew up. There was a soap from my parents hometown and it smells very similar. It is an older fragrance that comes close to something that I would associate with my grandmother. It is different, but not fundamental. Would I wear it personally? No, but I like it.”

Sean’s review: I rather like it. The floral notes are subtle enough to fade into the background, leaving me with a clean fabric scent that is stimulating and uplifting. One of my favorite fragrances is Philosophy’s Pure Grace, and this one is very similar to this one. Lazy Sunday morning is more flowery than Pure grace, but I don’t mind. I’ve been going through this regularly.

5. Flower market “REPLICA” of Maison Margiela

Feminine-the flower market has base notes of peach, cedar and oak moss swirls with top notes of green leaves, freesia and jasmine to recreate a walk through the flower district, with all the offers of the different vendors inviting you.

Rachna’s review: “it reminds me of the smell of a newborn; it’s innocent, clean, young. Maybe too young for me. Although I love the notes of honeysuckle and baby powder, it does not feel as high as a fragrance that I would wear myself. It’s a bit overwhelming and I love flowers.”

Sean’s review: It’s not for me. It’s too flowery and I get a lot of alcohol in a way that doesn’t feel as composed and deliberate as other fragrance recreations. It’s too raw and unrefined for me.

6. Beach walk “REPLICA” by Maison Margiela

Feminine-Beach Walk has base notes of musk, cedar and benzoin (loosely described as vanilla) meet top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and lemon to offer a fragrance that is both sunny and oceanic.

Rachna’s review: “I literally say ‘mmm’ when I feel it. It is pleasant, refreshing and inviting. It is slightly sweet, but still elegant and refined. I will wear it every day in spring and summer. I get a little splash of honeysuckle, which I love. This is by far my favorite among all fragrance replicas.”

Sean’s review: I would definitely wear this, especially in the summer. It’s sweet, but it’s not saccharin. I have coconut notes that pleasantly take me back to all the time I spent in the Caribbean, but it is anchored by musk. The longer I wear it, the more it wears off towards the musky side, which I love.

7th Navigation day “REPLICA” Maison Margiela

Gender-neutral-Sailing Day has base notes of seaweed, ambergris and orcinol meet top notes of water accord, aldehydes and juniper to bring a little of the sea into your nostrils with every inspiration.

Rachna’s review: “Oh, that’s very nice. It is refreshing, lemony and very clean. There is something that reminds me of clean laundry here; a crispness that I enjoy. It is perfect to wear it on the beach or in a beach house. I would only wear it in spring and summer because it is too light for winter. It’s very Californian and I love it.”

Sean’s review: I understand that Rachna loves it; her signature fragrance is Chloe Eau de Perfume and it reminds me strongly of that. But I also love it. It has that lust and enthusiasm that makes you smile every time it floats. I would wear this every day and have no complaints.

8. Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Under Lemon Trees

Gender-neutral-Under the Lemon Trees has base notes of cedar, citrus and musk, which are combined with top notes of cardamom, petitgrain and calamanco (a lime from the Philippines) to take you to a summery, sweet lemon grove.

Rachna’s review: “At first it smelled like a lemon cleansing product, and it was overwhelming. If you love citrus fruits and the fresh, clean combination of citrus fruits, this is your ideal fragrance. As it wears out, everything becomes a little softer, and it becomes more refreshing. I used it occasionally in the summer.”

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