An Amazon Trending Fashion Wear

In a world of online shopping, endless love for the recent but also a deep desire for comfort, I find a gem. Not really hidden, to be honest, because it’s been around for a while, but I never considered it my “fashion goal” until I did…

Amazon was my emergency number, my paradise for household appliances, my last shopping destination. It sounds pretty dramatic, I know, but when you have a newborn, you need a lot of things, one of the most ungodly hours of the day.

I never hesitated to place a first-class order in the middle of the night, even if it was a box of diapers during Fashion Week, because I knew I wouldn’t get them at the grocery store while walking around during the Back to Back shows… But I only realized a while ago That Amazon Fashion would be my new passion. With many contemporary brands available in three clicks and with PRIME delivery-that is to say the next day or sometimes even the same day-it was obviously only a matter of time before we entered into a real love story.

Not to sound ridiculous, but it’s really a love story: for the longest time and still, I was dreading the idea of finding time to go shopping. I really find no joy in going to a store on my day off where – as it always turns out in New York – there are a lot of people. I am a person who needs to shop in his own space without a store manager floating behind me and asking me – with the best intentions, of course – if I need anything. I am a big girl, I will ask you if I need anything, thank you.

I don’t want to say that it seems rude, and I know that they are just doing their job, but the truth is that it deprives me of the shopping experience. I like the calm and above all the convenience. Which is basically exactly what I get when I get my wardrobe staples from Amazon Fashion. Who would have thought!

Speaking of wardrobe, this summer I stocked up on white T-shirts and tank tops-see the one I’m wearing in this post. These are the perfect transitional pieces when it’s cold in New York. Just layer a knit over your shoulders or a classic denim jacket with an all-white look.

I was also able to get some great Poplin shirts from Ralph Lauren. I used to catch Thomas, but now I’ve created my own little department in my wardrobe, just oversized Poplins from the All American Heritage brand. Another thing that is literally the best deal is sportswear. I’m not saying workout clothes, because the truth is that I don’t really train in them, I only wear them at normal times of the day. Here combined with heels and my recent Love of Orange poplin for warmer autumn days, and with trousers and knitwear for cooler days.

What I mean is that we need to rethink our purchasing strategy, broaden our horizons and look beyond what we know. I mean, who would have thought that Amazon would be your next fashion destination?

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